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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Armour Thyroid, The Possible Answer To Your Symptoms

            You are fed up, you have decided to take the reins on your life, and try and discover why it is that your having all these different symptoms. Or maybe you have heard from a someone else close to you about the wonderful success that person has had switching to natural thyroid. What ever the reason, you are looking to feel like that person you remember being, laughing, enjoying time with loved ones, and living life to its fullest. I'd like to share with you today some history, and general things of Armour Thyroid, and my success I have had by switching to Armour Thyroid.
            Armour as I will refer to it as, is nothing more than dried thyroid, and is referred to as natural desiccated thyroid and is derived from pigs. Back in the late eighteen hundreds, a group of people got the idea to use this method to help treat patients who suffered with thyroid disorders. This became the standard for helping to treat thyroid suffers up through the nineteen seventies. In the nineteen fifties, synthetic thyroid hormone had been invented, also none as Synthyroid but didn't start to become popular until the late nineteen seventies and through the eighties. This was due to the fact that quality control was not what it should of been for natural desiccated thyroid products in the early seventies, therefore the companies and makers of the synthetic hormone took advantage of this and pushed how safe their product was compared to natural thyroid products. The makers of Armour, Forest Pharmaceutical, follows the same guide lines as the makers of synthetic hormone drug companies, the National Pharmacopeia Commission, which has to follow strict guidelines. 
            Some patients whom now was being prescribed synthetic thyroid hormone, was starting to notice all kinds of nasty symptoms such as:
Dry Skin
Hair Falling Out
Cold Feeling
Trouble Sleeping
Weight Gain
And a host of other symptoms
            Patients started to educate themselves, and soon learnt that synthetic thyroid hormone, known to doctors as, "T4 Hormone", might be the cause of these nasty symptoms. Your thyroid naturally produces five hormones, T1, T2, T3, T4, and calcitonin. The two major hormones I want to bring to your concern is T3, and T4. T4 is your body's thyroid storage hormone. T3 is what your body uses to break down nutrients and send the energy to every cell in your body, it is your active thyroid hormone. When your body needs more T3 hormone, it takes from your T4 hormone and converts it to T3 hormone. What the wise doctor's in the nineteen fifties decided was, if one takes the proper amount of T4 only hormone, then the body will convert it into T3. What they didn't take into account was, that your body naturally produces a small amount of T3 hormone along with converting T4 into T3. This is where one who is taking a T4 hormone replacement, might be getting some of the symptoms he or she is having. One wants to make sure they have an adequate and exact amounts of these two thyroid hormones. I do not want to imply that Synthyroid or any other T4 hormone replacement drugs are terrible bad, some patients have taken these drugs for years, and do just fine.
            I had my thyroid removed at a very young age, and had been prescribed Synthyroid for a little over twenty years. Seven to ten years ago, I began noticing several symptoms, dry skin, depression, anxiety, dry hair, trouble sleeping, apathy, and the biggest one was fatigue. I had been to the doctor no telling how many times, my number one complaint was fatigue. He done everything under the sun, I tried anti-depressants, sleep apnea test, a sleep study, blood panel test, you name it.
            My mother had checked out a book at the library and gave it to me to read. I began reading it, and found it very interesting. It drove me to want to educate myself about my thyroid situation, and help me to understand it and work with my doctor. Before then I had just been letting my doctor run the show, and now I realize that was wrong of me, it's your body, its your life, and you have a right to that, don't give your doctor all your power.
            The end of 2013, I was taking two different doses to Levothyroixine, generic form of Synthyroid, because on each one for a number of months, the low dose my levels would be high, and on the higher dose, my levels would be low, so I asked to combine them. My doctor agreed to let me take the higher dose twice a week and the lower dose the remaining part of the week. This began to cause problems, and finally in February of 2014, I called my doctor and asked to do something different. I'm thirty two years old as of right now, and I had gotten to a point where I felt like I was going to die. I had no energy what so ever, and began living my life laying on my couch. I wanted to do things but when I did, a few minutes later I was beat dead tired.
            I had read about Armour Thyroid in the several thyroid books I had read to help educate myself but I was to scared to switch. One day going to see my doctor, the receptionist and I began talking after I had told her I was dying from fatigue. She told me that she had recently had her thyroid radiated and had tried Synthyroid and did not like it. She asked her oncologist to switch her to Armour, and said she loved it, it gave her her old life back. Later I asked my doctor to switch me to Armour, and though he didn't want to, he let me do it. Doctors I believe are taught not to promote Armour Thyroid, and to push synthetics the most they can. My doctor I began to see had no experience dosing patients using Armour and I asked to be referred to the oncologist that the receptionist had told me she had seen recently.    
            I've now been on Armour for several months now, and I must say, it changed things for me from black to white. Before starting Armour, I would of rated my overall well being thirty out of one hundred percent, and now I can surely say ninety five out of one hundred percent. The first thing I began to notice was softer skin and hair. Later I started sleeping so much better and things continue to keep improving.
            If your having or noticing some symptoms from taking Synthyroid or other synthetic thyroid hormone replacement drugs, you may want to consider giving natural desiccated thyroid a try. I totally understand and respect those for not trying it for those who find it against your religion due because its derived from pigs. And a finally note, we are all different individuals, so therefore I must say, what works for one person, may or may not work for other. But if you are in the state I had gotten to, giving it a try with a doctors supervision, is worth the try.
            I want to thank you for reading this blog post today, and folks, I hope to see you back here next time, I want to thank you for reading this Tectip Channel Blog today, see you next time folks.